Cookies policy

01. Definitions

In this Cookies policy the terms used shall mean:

  1. Controller – Brain Studio Paweł Czamański, located at Ametystowa street 53, 63-100 Zbrudzewo, with tax identification number (VAT NIP): 7871924461, and National Court Register (KRS): 301633962.

  2. Services – All products, services, web services requiring login, content, functionalities, technologies or features, including all related websites and applications that we offer, either permanently or occasionally.

  3. Website –

  4. GDPR – The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) dated April 27, 2016, concerning the protection of personal data and the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46/EC.

  5. User – Any individual using the Services provided by the Controller through the Website.

02. Definition of Cookies

Cookies are data files, specifically text files, stored on the Users' devices intended for the use of the Website. These files enable the Website to recognize the User's device and display the content accordingly, tailored to the User's preferences. Cookies usually include the website's name, the duration they are stored on the device, and a unique identifier.

03. Use of Cookies

Cookies are used to customize the Website content to the User's preferences and to optimize Website usage. They also help create anonymous, aggregated statistics that aid in understanding how Users interact with the Website, allowing improvements in its structure and content without identifying individual Users.

04. Types of Cookies

Two primary types of Cookies are used: session cookies and permanent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary and remain on the User's device until the Website is closed. Permanent Cookies stay on the User's device for a specified period or until manually deleted by the User. Cookies used by the Website's partners, including Users, are subject to the partners' privacy policies.

Based on their necessity for the service:

  1. Functional – Essential for the Website's enhanced functionality. The Website operates correctly without them, but is not optimized for the User's preferences.

  2. Necessary – Crucial for the Website's proper functioning or specific functionalities desired by the User.

  3. Business – Enable the business model underlying the Website. Blocking these may reduce service quality as they support the Website's revenue model, including advertising cookies.

Based on their duration:

  1. Temporary (session) Cookies – Stored for the browser session duration and deleted upon closing the browser.

  2. Permanent Cookies – Not deleted when the browser is closed and remain on the User's device for a set period or indefinitely, as configured by the Website owner.

Based on origin:

  1. First-party Cookies – Set directly by the visited Website's owner.

  2. Third-party Cookies – Set by external entities with components on the Website. If these components come from outside the Controller's system, other Cookie policies may apply.

Based on purpose:

  1. Website configuration – Allow setting up features and services.

  2. Security and reliability – Verify authenticity and optimize performance.

  3. Session status – Store information about User interactions to improve services.

  4. Processes – Ensure the efficient operation of the Website and its functionalities.

  5. Advertising – Display customized ads, potentially even outside the Website.

  6. Location – Adjust displayed information based on the User's location settings.

  7. Analytics (statistics) – Help understand User preferences to enhance and develop products and services, usually collected anonymously and processed without identifying personal data.

Based on privacy impact:

  1. Non-intrusive – Essential for Website operation and unrelated to User tracking.

  2. Tracking – Used for tracking Users but do not identify individuals.

We inform you that Cookies are stored on the User's device for statistical, marketing (remarketing), and operational purposes. There may also be a need or legitimate interest to use other types of Cookies not listed above.

05. Cookies and personal data

Personal data collected via Cookies are only used for specific User functions.

06. Deleting Cookies

By default, web browsers accept Cookies. These settings can be modified to block Cookies or notify the User each time Cookies are transmitted. Information on managing Cookies is available in the web browser settings. Limiting Cookies may impact some Website functionalities.

07. Other technologies

We use additional technologies to track Website activities:

  1. Facebook Conversion Pixel – For managing Facebook ads and remarketing.

  2. Google Analytics tracking code – For Website statistical analysis.

08. Server Logs

Using the Website involves sending requests to the server, which logs each request. These logs include the User's IP address, date and time, browser information, and operating system details. Stored on the server, these logs are not linked to specific Users and are used solely for Website administration, with access restricted to authorized personnel.

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